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A little bit about the Family of Free

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

My name is Shawna, my husband’s name is Kyle, but he goes by Skip, we have a daughter named Ezra LaRae, plus a Red Heeler named Bandit, and we are the Family of Free. We are your average family from Idaho, exploring and taking on the wide-open wilderness. And we cannot forget enjoying a beer at the end of a long day and praying before we go to sleep.

Our adventures began in 2019, starting with Bryce Canyon. I was pregnant at the time, so we had to take it easy when it came to outdoor actives and hiking. However, that did not stop me from hiking trails at 35 weeks pregnant that the average person has difficulties hiking. Right now, our actives include hiking, camping all four seasons, backpacking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, shooting traditional bows, shooting guns, fishing, and bush crafting. We plan to get more into mountain biking, paddle-boarding, and so much more.

As a family, we have created this blog for the adventures we have already taken and the future exploring we have yet to do. This blog is for entertainment purposes and information on the actives we do, places we go, and the gear we use.

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