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Blue Lake

On July 29th, 2020, Skip, Bandit, and I packed the F350 and headed down the windy canyon to Cascade, Idaho, to descend 549 feet to a very family-friendly alpine lake.

Directions to Trailhead

  • From Cascade, Idaho, travel Cabarton Road 6.3 miles (to a big red barn) where Cabarton Road intersects with Forest Service (FS) Road 446, also called Snowbank Road.

  • Turn right. Proceed along FS Road 446 about 10 miles up the gravel road toward the Federal Radar site.

  • You will see a small pond on the right. The trailhead parking is on the left.

The two-mile round trip or three miles if you walk around the lake has an elevation decline of 549 feet. Meaning you descend 549 feet within a mile heading to the lake and making that 549 feet incline on the way out.

There are no campsites near the trailhead, but there were multiple backpacking sites designated around the lake. Please ALWAYS remember to camp 200 feet or further from any body of water to preserve it and the fish. Please click HERE to read about the Leave no Trace Project.

Remember to enjoy the scenery while exploring the area. There are so many vivid views with a variety of colors and textures with every footstep. There are Red Columbines, Salmonberry, western Trillium, Green Alder, and fields of wildflowers on the trail.

You may also encounter a Beaver on the river, Elk, deer, a red fox on a trail, and of course, squirrels in every tree. With being out in the wilderness, always make sure you pay attention to your surroundings and be alert for dangerous animals that you may encounter. We always recommend carrying bear spray while hiking.

Ditch the headphones and listen to the birds chirping and the streams that you will encounter. Nature is beautiful, and it's a time for serenity and peace. Plus, for your safety.

Trail Guide:

The trail is marked very well on a dirt path that has a rocky decline most of the way. You will come to a sign on the route to go 111 miles, do not follow that sign, and continue to the lake.

Once you make it to the lake, you can climb up onto the large boulders and jump into the cold water that is crystal clear. Or continue around the lake and set up day camp and go fishing. Skip caught his first fish of the year here, so there is decent fishing in the area.

Blue Lake Trail is a bustling area because it is a decent hike that the entire family can make safe. Plus, the large lake is deep enough to jump in, and even when busy, it doesn't feel crowded.

Bring bug spray. The mosquitos were awful around the edge of the lake, and make sure to wear sunscreen. You can walk within the lake to an island about knee deep, but no shade on the island. The island is where we spent most of our time.

Click HERE to view our adventure on youtube.

Overall, we loved this hike, and we will be back often this following summer with.

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