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City of Rocks

On August 11th, 2019, Skip, Bandit, Skips dad Doyle and stepmom Regina adventured off to the City of Rocks or known as the Silent City of Rocks in Almo, Idaho.

We headed that way to watch a meteor shower that was supposed to take place that night. Regina saw two shooting stars after we went to sleep, but that was the extent of the shower that was seen.

The park was founded in 1849 by James F. Wilkins while he was on his way to California. He described the area as a city of rocks, and this is where the name originated. It wasn't until November 18th, 1988, when the park would be established as a national park. Geologists estimate the oldest granite in the park is 2.5 billion years old.

The park consists of 14,407 acres and is 6,260 feet in elevations. We suggest downloading the AllTrails app to see all the trails in the park. I was in my third trimester, so we did not go on any specific hike. We just walked around, explored the rocks, and did a little boulder climbing.

You could spend days hiking around and admiring all that God created. Plus, there is some of the best rock climbing in the North West. There are over 1000 traditional and bolt protect routes.

On your hike, make sure to enjoy the scenery, not just all the rocks you get to climb. There are Silver Lupine, Snowberry, Antelope Bitterbrush, and of course, Spring Wildflowers that surround the area. You may also come across Mule, Deer, cottontail, and Chipmunks in every crack of the rocks.

Overall, this was a lovely place to camp and explore. If your family loves to boulder climb, this is the place to visit.

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