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Gozalnadia Waterfall

On April 10th, 2021, Skip, Ezra, and I adventured over to the Secret waterfall or known as Gozalnadia Waterfall, within the jungle of San Sebastian.

This half-mile in and out trail gains 144 feet in elevation. We would not call this a hike but a staircase to God's creations because that is what it was. There are two well-marked staircases to the first waterfall and a well-marked staircase to the second waterfall, both very steep and slippery if wet. Or how the owner puts it on his sign "La Cascada del Guama."

The first waterfall stands over 50 feet fall and around 30 feet wide. With a swimming hole big enough to enjoy when busy, and it will be active and crowded.

The swimming hole is deep enough to jump in from the top of the falls. We would not recommend this, but locals tend to do it often. There are multiple other boulders to jump in from, plus a rope to help you climb up the falls. Always use causation when jumping in from any boulder.

We actually witnessed a young man visiting jump off a lower section of the falls. He hit a rock and went unconscious. Luckily, he eventually woke up and was able to walk out. Search, and Rescue was there within minutes of someone calling for help. I sat with his mother, and the good Lord answered her prayers. There are signs to not dive in. We would recommend not to.

There is also an underwater cave on the right that you can swim into. There are apparently air pocks that you can swim up and catch your breath if need be.

The second waterfall is about ¼ miles from the first one on a steep staircase that is paved. The second waterfall isn't much of a hangout and swim area due to being surrounded by rocks. However, it does have a rope that you can take turns swinging into the swimming hole and a handful of boulders to jump off.

Between the falls, there are multiple areas you can veer off the trail and enjoy the river. This is where we spent most of our time. It was shallow enough for our toddler to explore and not crowded with people.

Directions to the trailhead

  • From Rincón, take Route 115 northeast to Route 111 east.

  • In San Sebastián, turn left at the Banco Popular onto the 446 north for ½ mi. (1 km).

  • Turn right and cross over the bridge onto Sec Lechuza and follow it for 0.80 min. (1.3 km).

  • Once you go through the gate, you will go down the hill into the open parking area from 9am-6pm.

  • An employee will direct you where to park and cost $10.

Once parked, there are decently clean restrooms and a restaurant at the bottom of the hill where you parked and multiple areas to sit and eat lunch before or after visiting the waterfalls.

While visiting any body of water within a canyon, it is recommended to immediately leave during a rainstorm. Flash floods happen often. They are fast and very dangerous.

Overall, this was a lovely waterfall to play in and relax at. It is jam-packed regardless of the time and day you adventure over. The owner has done a fantastic job of keeping the area clean and maintained. ALWAYS remember to pack out everything you pack in and leave the place clean.

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