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Middle Columbine Trail

On July 18th, 2020, Skip, Ezra, Bandit, and I made our way up 702 feet in elevation to a beautiful log in the trail.

This 2.4-mile round trip was a beautiful hike within the North Cheyenne Canyon. This trail is used for mountain biking, trail running as well as hiking of course. The trail is very well maintained on a clear dirt path through steep switchbacks most of the way.

The switchbacks may be challenging to hike down on your course back. Pay attention to your footing, and be aware you may slide down to keep your balance.

Unfortunately, there is no destination. The middle Columbine Trail is precisely what it states, the central portion of the 7.6-mile trail that consists of the Upper, Middle and lower. Once you reach the log at the top of the mountain, you can continue "Down" the trail that turns into the Upper columbine trail that leads to the main road, but across the street, you can continue to the Helen Hunt Falls.

North Cheyenne Creek slices through Cheyenne Canyon, bordered on the north by Mays Peak and Mount Buckhorn, and on the south by Mount Cutler and Muscoco Mountain. Columbine Trail traces the cut of the creek from the canyon's mouth in southwestern Colorado Springs, west about four miles to its terminus at Helen Hunt Falls. With the lower trailhead located at the Starsmore Discovery Center (2120 N. Cheyenne Canyon Rd),

Columbine Trail has three trailheads.

The lower is located at the Starsmore Discovery Center. Park on the south side of the center.

The Middle Columbine Trailhead is on the right side of the road, about a mile west of the center.

The Upper Columbine Trailhead is a wide spot in the street, just past the entrance to Helen Hunt Falls, before N. Cheyenne Canyon Rd. Joins Gold Camp Road.

You can begin your hike at any one of these locations.

We only hiked the Middle Portion of the Columbine Trail. There were no restrooms at the trailhead nor on the trail at any point. It was decently busy between other hikers and the multiple mountain bikers, so use the bathroom before leaving town.

Once we got to the log (this is where Alltrails said the trial ended), we turned around and hiked back. We had an infant and a dog with us. It was scorching, and there was very little shade on the trail, nor was there any creeks or streams on the course.

With there not being an actual destination, it is essential to make sure you enjoy the scenery on your way up the mountain. You will come to the edges of the hill, where you can see through the very dark green forest. If you look back, you can see all of the valleys, and randomly throughout the hike, you can see sharp, ridged boulders sticking out from a distance. Yellow Sweet Clover is throughout the hike, giving the green forest contrast and color to your walk.

With being out in the wilderness, always make sure you pay attention to your surroundings and be alert for dangerous animals that you may encounter. We always recommend carrying bear spray while hiking.

Ditch the headphones and listen to the birds chirping and all the Nature you will encounter. Nature is beautiful, and it's a time for serenity and peace. Plus, for your safety.

When it comes to camping, the family of free always tries to Boon-dock "Camping in non-designated campsites" Because free is always better. We were camping about an hour away, but click HERE to reserve your next campsite near the trailhead.

Click HERE to watch our Youtube video of this trail.

Overall, this was our most little favorite hike because of the lack of destination, the heat with no shade nor water, and the steep switchbacks on loose rock made it difficult to make our way down with an infant on our back.

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