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Snowslide lake

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

On June 25th, 2020, Skip, Ezra, Bandit, and I packed up the F350 and made our way to McCall, Idaho, to catch some snow in June. In this specific route, we learned Alltrails don't consistently rate their trails accordingly. We needed to start our rating system because this "Moderate" rated path was indeed a difficult one.

Snowslide trail takes you 1,600 feet in elevation within a mile and a half. The trail consists of a vertical climb the entire way up. And a steep mile and half decline on the way back that is rough on the knees.

Directions to Trailhead

  • From Davis at the 4-way stop near Ponderosa State Park's entrance.

  • Turn onto Lick Creek Road.

  • After 3 miles, take the fork toward Little Payette Lake.

  • The road will turn to gravel just past Snowdon's entrance.

  • Continue along Lick Creek Road until you reach a small parking lot on the right with a sign for Snowslide Lake (about 12 miles in)

The trail itself is relatively easy to follow; however, you may have to jump over a couple of logs that have fallen on the course or walk through some snow, making it difficult to see where the trail continues.

The trail is incredibly rocky in some areas, plus you are walking on loose gravel, dirt, and mud the entire way up on a vertical slop. By paying attention to your footing and the trail ahead of you, you should not veer off or get injured.

Trail Guide:

You may not detect the trail from the trailhead.

You must cross the North Fork Creek.

You can accomplish this two ways, walking through the river itself, depending on the time of the year it is, it may be knee-deep, it was for us. Or there were some logs that you can balance on and make your way over. We saw a lady do this.

With us having a baby on our back and a dog on a leash, we decided to walk through the river with our hiking sandals.

If you enjoy backpacking, there are multiple campsites around the lake, but remember to always camps at least 200 feet away from any body of water and pack it out. Click HERE to learn about the Leave no Trace Project. Click HERE to reserve your next campsite.

On your hike, make sure you enjoy the scenery and listen to nature. You will walk along dozens of wildflowers, patches of Glacier Lilies, and Shooting stars most of the trail, which give the beautiful green forest contrast and color.

With being out in the wilderness, always make sure you pay attention to your surroundings and be alert for dangerous animals that you may encounter. We always recommend carrying bear spray while hiking.

Ditch the headphones and listen to the birds chirping and the streams that you will encounter. Nature is beautiful, and it's a time for serenity and peace. Plus, for your safety.

Overall, this was such a beautiful hike. You will hike along the ridge of the mountain, where you can see across the valley. You will cross creeks in the deep forest. And you will make it to some of the coldest, cleanest alpine water surrounded by snow-peaked mountains that reflects off the snow and sky, making the lake a deep blue color.

Click HERE to watch our youtube video this adventure.

This was one of the most exhausting hikes we have done due to the elevation gain in such a short time, but well worth it.

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