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The Crags Trail

On July 19th, 2020, Skip, Bandit, Ezra, Skips buddy from the army Corbin and I made our way on the Crags trail to some beautiful red boulders protruding out of the earth with a 360 view of a lifetime.

This 4.8-mile round trial with an 820 feet elevation gain is used for all sorts of activities, from hiking, horseback riding, to even rock climbing. There were multiple backpacking sites. Remember to always camp at least 200 feet away from any body of water.

When it comes to camping, we always try to Boon-dock "Camping in non-designated campgrounds" We were camping about an hour and a half away from the trailhead. But click HERE to explore and reserve your next campsite near the trailhead.

There were no restrooms at the trailhead but vault toilets at the nearby campground, "Crags Campground." The trail was decently busy, so make sure to use the bathroom before heading on your hike.

Regardless of the destination, always remember to enjoy the scenery. Being within Colorado, you with be in some of the darkest forests, gigantic red rocks protruding out of the earth, and wildflowers throughout the trail to give a beautiful contrast to the greenery.

With being out in the wilderness, always make sure you pay attention to your surroundings and be alert for dangerous animals that you may encounter. We always recommend carrying bear spray while hiking.

Ditch the headphones and listen to the birds chirping and a stream you will encounter. Nature is beautiful, and it's a time for serenity and peace. Plus, for your safety.

Directions to the Trailhead

  • Take US-24 west and turn left at a traffic light in Divide.

  • Drive south on US-67 for about 4 miles.

  • Turn left to CR-62 right after you pass the entrance to Mueller State Park on the right.

  • Drive 3 miles on the dirt road, and you will see the new trailhead parking lot on the right side.

Trail Guide:

The trail starts heading east with a couple of steep switchbacks through the green forest. The course is marked very well and maintained on a dirt path until the end when you are climbing on boulders.

Once you get through the switchbacks, you will come to a trail #664A, pointing to the right. This trail goes to Pikes Peak via Devils Playground. If you accidentally take this trail as we did, you will cross over a wooden bridge. This is your indicator that you went the wrong way and to turn around.

Once you are back on the correct path, you will come through a meadow that follows a stream and is flat for most of the time. There will be beautiful red rocks protruding out of the mountain along the way. This can give you the motivation to continue. If the rocks are this gorgeous and exciting at this point, you know the ones at the end will be so much better.

The final stretch is the hardest and where you gain most of the elevation. This portion of the hike can become very dangerous if you are not watching your footing and paying attention to the trail. You will enter the green forest once again, but this time you will begin to scale boulders until you reach the top.

Once you reach the top, you can see Pikes Peak from a distance, Valleys further than the eye can see, and our favorite, the red and orange granite boulders that make for the most outstanding photos.

This was such a beautiful hike, and if it wasn't for the rainstorm that hit us, we could have spent more time exploring and boulder climbing the area. However, it began to pour, and we were not prepared with rain jackets nor warm clothes. Having Ezra on our back, we decided we needed to get back and fast. We practically ran back to the car, and we were completely soaked.

Click HERE to watch our Youtube video of this hike.

Overall, we highly recommend this hike, and it is defiantly family-friendly.

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