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The Grand Canyon, Hermits Resting

On March 18th, 2019, Skip, and I drove 255 miles from Zion National Park to the mile-deep, 260 miles long and 18 miles wide Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon consists of the South, North, West, and East rim, and we adventure to the South Rim for two nights.

The first stop was Mary Colter's Desert View Watchtower, which was built in 1932. The structure was designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colters, known as the Architect of the southwest. We were fortunate to explore the inside, up to the top, and learn so much history of the canyon. If you would like more information on this beautiful lighthouse click HERE.

We also spent the evening walking along the cliff edge to find a perfect spot to watch the sunrise in the morning. Once we found the ideal site, we checked into our camp spot at Mather Campground. to reserve your next campsite and research what there is click HERE.

The Grand Canyon has so much to offer at all rims, hiking, backpacking to the bottom (Something we plan to do once our daughter is older), rafting, horseback riding, picture taking, and of course, bird gazing. Click HERE to plan your next adventure.

You may come across bats in the late night or early mornings. You may hear coyotes and bobcats from a distance. You will see Squirrels and raccoons on almost every corner and in every tree. On any of your actives take in the beauty of the vivid colors, the sharp textures, and all the trees, bushes, and flowers (Coyote willow, Arrow weed, seep, Willow, Western Honey Mesquite, Catclaw Acacia are just a few)

The following morning at 0400, we packed our day bags, extra clothing (it was march, frost on our tent in the morning), and everything to make coffee to watch the sunrise on the rim.

The previous night we found an excellent ledge that went out and over the cliff where we did not have any physical objects blocking our view of the sun coming up and over the canyon. We set up the go pro, put on all of our layers, and got everything ready to sip on some coffee. And then we realized I forgot the lighter, so we had to sit on the canyon's ledge in the cold for over two hours with no coffee. It would have been more enjoyable to be sipping on the magical bean while we witnessed the oranges and yellows rays peeking over the rim. But I do have to say the South Rim has the best sunrises you may ever experience and recommend everyone to do this once in their life.

Being up and watching the sunrise means you are ready to take on the day before 0600. Since we had all day to take a hike, we checked out local hikes that weren't too difficult. I was 13 weeks pregnant and had a tough first trimester, so we didn't want to get into something we couldn't finish. We found a 7.8-mile round trip hike with a shuttle bus that stopped at each viewing site if something were to happen.

Hermits Resting was an outstanding hike that had a well-maintained trail along the south rim that stopped at nine different viewing points. Each with their own history and uniqueness Trail Overlook

  • Maricopa Point

  • Powell Point

  • Hopi Point

  • Mohave Point

  • The Abyss

  • Monument Creek Vista

  • Pima Point

  • Hermits Rest

Looking out into the mile-deep canyon was breathtaking. The colors showed the 5 to 6 million years of the Colorado River cutting through the rocks, some of the oldest exposed rocks on earth.

Knowing that the Rock Squirrel was the most dangerous animal we may come up against, we felt pretty good hiking without a pistol nor bear spray.

The hike itself was decently busy, but mainly at the viewing points. We enjoyed the stroll along the rim, where we got to experience hanging our feet off the cliff and feeling the brisk wind below our feet.

Once we got to "Hermits Resting," we checked out the gift shop and decided to take the shuttle back because it was getting late, and I was exhausted. Click HERE to plan out your next hike.

We ended our trip with 2 inches of snow on top of us the following day and heading off to Las Vegas with some of our best friends for the weekend.

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